St. Thomas The Apostle ( Doubting Thomas )

Incredulity of The Apostle Thomas

Heritage: Bulgarian, from Prissovo

Now in: Sofia, Chrypt Al. Nevski

Оriginal:17 в./17 C./39,5 x 33,5 cm

Replica:2005/36 х 32,5 сm


The icon follows the traditional iconographic scheme: Christ is in the centre, his himation has fallen off his left shoulder, revealing part of his chest with the wound. His right hand with the wound points at Thomas who is pointing at the wound. The Apostle Thomas is shown in profile, a rare representation in Bulgarian paintings until the 18th Century. The characteristic facial type which is the same everywhere, distinguishes the icons painted by John of Chevindol. There is an inscription in Greek in red letters against a gold background.

Cat. № 1.36.2