St. Nicholas

St Nicholas - oval


St Nicholas, 1563 , origin unkown.

Tempera on wood, 107 x 79,5 cm, National History Museum.

The icon has a wide carved frame and inlaid base. The saint is depicted in  full face, waist-length in traditional vestments. The miniature waist-length images of the Virgin and John the Baptist flank the image in the two upper corners of the icon. A donor’s inscription in Greek indicates the names of Constantine, George and Nicholas and the year 7071 since the creation of the world that is 1563. The typical 16-century festive mood suggestion by the abundance of gilt, bright colors and moderate linear stylization are subordinated to a general classical balance. The execution of the icon is similar to a series of icons from Nessebur of 15th – 17th centuries whose high professionalism, elongated proportions of the figures, perfectly organized composition and masterly line are associated with the manner of painting on the Greek islands and the Italo-Cretan school.