St. John The Baptist

St. John The Precursor

Heritage : Serbian, from Decani

Original: abt. 1350 / 164,5 x 56 cm

Replica: 2005 / 106 x 62 cm

Cat No: 1.2102












St. John the Baptist and St John of Rila



Heritage: Bulgarian, from the church in metoh “Orliza” by Rila Monastery

Now in: Sofia, Chrypt Al. Nevski

Оriginal: 1796/63 x 47 cm

Replica: 2005/79,5 x 59,5 cm

Very symbolical in this icon is the presentation of St. John of Rila, standing by St. John The Precursor - the Angel of the desert. Following the exquisite style and execution this icon can be referred to a number of icons from Rila Monastery by various authors by the end of 18 C.


Cat. № 1.2005