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Below you can see the icons that we currently have in stock. Please note that they are individual hand-painted and meticulously handcrafted items, and the stock is replenished occasionally, as we are finished painting a new icon.

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The old Testament Trinity PDF Print Email


Heritage: Bulgarian, from the Etropole monastery Of the Holy Trinity - Varovitets

Now in: Sofia, Chrypt Al. Nevski

Оriginal: 1598/93 x 67 cm

Replica: 2005/80 x 60 cm


The icon represents the visit of the three angels to Abraham and Sarah (The hospitability of Abraham). The angels symbolize the Triple Unity of God - Trinity. In their left hands they are holding crosses and with the right hands they are touching the food. From the buildings behind the figures of Abraham and Sarah are seen. This is one of the earliest signed icons in Bulgaria. The system for constructing the folds with gold writing in, is known in the icon painting as ASSIST.

Cat. No 1.2003




The Prophet Elijah in the cave - Samokov PDF Print Email

Heritage: Bulgarian, from Metropolitan Church, Samokov

Оriginal:18 C/77 x 51,5 cm

Replica:2002/76 х 51 сm


The prophet is shown in the opening of the cave, sitting on a richly ornamented backless bench depicted in reverse perspective. The elegant pose, the exquisite folds of the expensive fabrics of his garments, the face with handsome and noble features have no parallels in earlier images of the Saint. One of the most famous scenes from his life - St. Elijah being fed in the cave by the raven - is shown on this icon.

Cat. № 1.29.3






The Virgin Eleusa PDF Print Email

Heritage: Bulgarian, from the iconostasis in the Chapel of St St Simeon and Sava in Rila Monastery

Now in: Sofa Rila Monastery

Original: 19 C., 66,5 x 42,5 cm

Replica: 2005/ 80 x 50 cm


A typical icon for the rich iconostasis of the smaller chapels built in  18-19C. in Rila Monastery. The way of icon writing shows that for the author could be considered some of the icon masters from Samokov.




Cat. No 1.20

The Virgin Katafigi with St. John The Theologian PDF Print Email


Heritage: Bulgarian, from Poganovo Monastery

Now in: Sofia, Chrypt Al. Nevski

Оriginal: abt. 1395/1395/92,7 x 61,5 cm

Replica: 2004/72 x 48 cm


This icon, rare as iconography, is the face of a bilateral processional icon from The Poganovo Monastery. The epithet of Theotokos - KATAFIGI means REFUGE. This is the name of a church in Salonica, where according to legend, St. Demetrius found refuge and preached.


Cat. No 1.701






Three Saints - Veliko Tarnovo region PDF Print Email

Heritage: Bulgarian, from Veliko Tarnovo region

Now in: Sofia, Chrypt Al. Nevski

Оriginal:17 C./92 x 58,5 cm

Replica:2004/79,5 х 55,5 сm


The icon shows The Three Saints (The three holy patriarchs of the Church) - St. Gregory the Theologian, St. John Chrysostom, St. Basil the Great, following the iconographic tradition for their representation. All three of them are depicted with the similar faces, eyes near to the nose and wrinkled fronts. They appeared after their death to a holy bishop saying “We are one in God”. Inscriptions in Greek.


Cat. № 1.27






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