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Christ Pantokrator PDF Print Email

Heritage: Bulgarian

Original: 1607/124,5 x 87,5 cm

Now in: Crypt Al. Nevski, Sofia

Replica: 2005/80 x 59,5 cm


Christ is shown half-length and full-face in the customary pose, making the gesture of benediction with his right hand, the arm hidden by the himation down to the wrist, his left hand holding a Gospel open at the text: “I am the light of the world (John VIII. 12); he that believed in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: And whoso ever liveth and believeth in me shall never die (John XI.25,26). While ye have light, believe in the light, that ye may be the children of light.” (John XII.36). He wears the traditional dark red chiton (with a vermilion clavus and gold hatching) and a dark blue himation. The characteristic monograms on the cross behind his head “I AM THAT I AM “ (the Ever-existing) as Christ called himself when Moses asked him for the name of the Lord (Exodus III.14).

The stylization which is obvious in the garments is even more clearly expressed in the hair arrangement, done in parallel schematized tufts.

The face is painted on an ochre-olive green foundation, and the cheeks, the chin, the forehead and the nose are modelled in pink ochre, pink being the predominant colour. The inscription is in red letters, arranged on both sides of the figure. A donor’s inscription is in the lower part of the frame, also in red letters upon the gold back-ground: “Prayer of the Lord’s slave Mano Julianou, together with his wife and children, 1607.“

Cat. No 1.2004


Deesis - Bachkovo Monastery PDF Print Email

Heritage: Bulgarian, from
Bachkovo Monastery
Now in: Sofia, Chrypt Al. Nevski
Оriginal: 1495/106 x 73,5 сm
Replica: 2005/80 x 59,5 cm

The icon represents a classical iconography of DEESIS - Christ in the middle, on a throne, with Theotokos on his left and St. John the Baptist - on his right side. In Orthodoxy Theotokos and St John the Baptist are patrons of the Mankind before Christ on the day of Judgement, for praying salvation for all people.

Cat. № 1.2008








Deesis - Unknown Origin PDF Print Email

Heritage: Bulgarian, unknown origin

Now in: Sofia, Church Museum

Оriginal:1577/45 x 70,8 cm

Replica:2005/80 x 53 cm 

A classical iconographic presentation of Deesis - Christ in the middle, Theotokos on his left and St. John the Baptist - on his right side, both of them in intercession, praying poses towards Christ on the Judgement Day. Down on the icon there are remainders from a donors inscription and a date - year 1577. Most probably the icon is the central part of an iconostasis frieze of Apostles. 

Cat. No 1.2101 


St Demetrius - Veliko Turnovo PDF Print Email

Heritage: Bulgarian, from Veliko Turnovo

Now in: Sofia, Chrypt Al. Nevski

Оriginal: 1617/ 93,7 x 56.2 cm, tempera on wood

Replica: 2005 / 80x52 cm

The saint is shown in his traditional pose of a horseman. He is riding a red horse galloping to the left, his left hand holding the reins, his right driving a spear into an enemy, lying on the ground. The icon painter has depicted rather vividly the spear piercing the enemy's neck and the blood flowing from the wound, while the horse has rather mercylessly stepped on the prone figure. The saint has the epithet (according to the inscription) "St. Demetrius, great commander", as we find him reffered to for the first time in Bulgaria in a fresco in the Dragalevtsi Church. (1476). The horse, a graceful and lively animal painted in pale raspberry red, and the green mantle streaming behind the saint, stand out vividly against the gold background which is lavishly decorated with incisedplsnt motifs.The master's sense of decoration is best demonstrated by this most obvious preference for pure colors, applied in board, smooth patches, and the use of lavish decorations on the saddle and the background. The ornamentation of the background is reminiscent of some icons on Czechoslovakia - for instance, tha pannel The Virgin Odegetroa in the Church of Rovne, painted in 16 th century.
The faces are done in pink over an ochre foundation. There are white highlights on the prominent parts. There used to be a donor's inscription below left, in which the year 1617 was inscribed. Now only a few illegible syllables remain. Medium: tempera on  wood. Hand-made according to the Bulgarian Iconographic tradition and techniques.

St Demetrius perished in 4th C., at the time of Emperor Maximian, who pursued the Christians. St Demetrius is the patron of Thessalonika and many other towns. he is one of the most adorated Orthodox Christian saints. On this icon with Latin inscription DUX for St Demetrius. he is named 'Great Commander'.

                                                                                                                                                                                        Catalog No 1.23

St George - Veliko Turnovo PDF Print Email

Heritage: Bulgarian, from Veliko Tarnovo region

Now in: Sofia, Chrypt Al. Nevski

Оriginal:17 в./75x49 cm

Replica:2005/73 x 52 cm

St. George, on a blue horse, stabbing the Dragon, who is turning his tail around the back feet of the horse. The landscape in which this scene is taking place is the usual one, but the Princess is missing. It is considered that this iconographic type is the short option of the story for liberation of the Princess. The way the icon is painted, assumes that together with the icon of St Demetrius (on a red horse, cat. No 1.23.2) could be works of the same master.

Cat. № 1.34






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