Festal Icons

Nativity - 1845


 Heritage: Bulgarian, from Strandja

 Now: in National History Museum in Sofia

 Original: 1845 / 41 x 32,5 cm, Replica:  2000 / 43 x 32 cm

 The icon decorated frame is painted in gold. Yhe inscription is in Greek. The icon is a classical rendering of the Nativity, which follows in general the the iconographic pattern, traditional for the topic. The Holy Virgin and Joseph are kneeling in front of the crib, where the infant is lying. The background on one side is multiplane and ends in depth with architectural forms that mark Bethlehem. In the foreground, the Magi standing, are offering their gifts. On the other side, painted in full height is the shepherd, behind him a prophet. In the second ground, a small shepherd boy is depicted with his flock. The figures have volume and are dynamic and full of life. The faces are natural.

 The landscape is multiplane and develops in depth. The Infant's crib is an exact replica of the painted cradles from the National Revival period.  The light that emanates from the enormous shining helo in the sky, the Magi's garments and the Infant's crib leave the impression of dominating gold in the colour scheme. It lends the icon a solumn optimistic ring. 

Cat. No 1.1301












The old Testament Trinity


Heritage: Bulgarian, from the Etropole monastery Of the Holy Trinity - Varovitets

Now in: Sofia, Chrypt Al. Nevski

Оriginal: 1598/93 x 67 cm

Replica: 2005/80 x 60 cm


The icon represents the visit of the three angels to Abraham and Sarah (The hospitability of Abraham). The angels symbolize the Triple Unity of God - Trinity. In their left hands they are holding crosses and with the right hands they are touching the food. From the buildings behind the figures of Abraham and Sarah are seen. This is one of the earliest signed icons in Bulgaria. The system for constructing the folds with gold writing in, is known in the icon painting as ASSIST.

Cat. No 1.2003






Heritage: Bulgarian, from the region of Pleven