Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael

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Heritage: Bulgarian, from Plovdiv

Now in: Sofia, Chrypt Al. Nevski

Оriginal: 17 в./17 C./61 x 46 cm

Replica: 2013/30 х 20 сm

The Archangel Michael is shown half-length and full face, holding a drawn sword in his right hand and an orb with Christ’s monograms, in his left. He wears brown armour and a red mantle, decorated with a white dotted ornament in the shape of a flower. Here we have a new style of treating the face, and it has been brought to the extreme. A band of baked sienna, the basic shade, has been left uncovered around the oval of the face, lending it a frail mystical appearance. The prominent parts are painted pink ochre in an elongated, almost geometrical shape. The stylization apparent in the face is repeated in the hand which is unnaturally lean.

The tendency to apply pure colours can be observed in the treatment of the fabrics. The central area is surrounded by a carved border with a cord like ornament, characteristic of the 17th century. The inscription is in black letters against a silvery background.

Cat. No 1.11