Ustinian Tilov

Ustinian Tilov

IRINA and SONS is an on-line icon gallery, featuring the hand-painted icons of Bulgarian artist Ustinian Tilov, crafted as authentic replicas and author copies using the traditional technique for Christian Orthodox Icons - tempera on wood panel, and following the canon for depiction of saints.

Ustinian Tilov has taken part in many icons exhibitions. The first exhibition featuring his work only, was held in 1996 in Belgium. His largest exhibitions during the last five years were the following: 

In 2005 the exhibition "European Heritage Days" - in Sofia. During 2007-2008, 4 icons exhibitions were held in the Bulgarian Cultural Institutes in Vienna, Bratislava, Prague and Budapest. Many of his works 

are now in private collections in Bulgaria, USA, France, Belgium, Greece, Russia, Austria, Germany, Italy, Canada, Australia, Swiss, Slovakia.


Ustinian was born on 23.07.1948 in Sofia, Bulgaria in the family of artists. His love of painting dates back from the days of his early childhood. He studies in an Fine Arts high school in the years 1963 - 1968. In the period 1975 - 1979 he attends a Fine Arts academy in Sofia, where he graduates as an Art historian. In 1989 - 1990 he is on specialization in St. Petersburg. Currently he works as an art history teacher in the Applied Arts high school in Sofia. He writes mainly copies of Orthodox icons but accepts special commissions of Catholic icons too. In 1991 he and his family established a small icon gallery - "IRINA & SONS" in their home in Sofia.




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